TRACEMAN designs, supplies and installs a range of fire detection and alarm equipment to suit all requirements, from a simple P (property) system to a fully addressable L1 (life safety) system.

We also offer a range of Gaseous Extinguishing Systems comprising of the complete electrical and mechanical packages.

All installations are carried out fully in line with BS 5839 and all equipment meets this standard and all its latest revisions.
TRACEMAN Ltd is not tied to any one particular manufacturer so we can look at your individual application and offer what we believe to be the best solution currently available in the market place.

Systems may comprise of any, or a mixture of any, of the following detector types:-
• Ionization smoke type: TID
• Optical smoke type: TOD
• Rate of Rise Heat type: TRR
• Fixed Temperature Heat type: TTL or TTH
• Ultraviolet Flame type: TUV
• Infra-Red Beam type: TIR
• Combined UV-IR type: TUV-IR
• Flameproof type: TF-UV
• Manual call point: TBGU
• Linear detection cable and controllers: TLHD

The actual choice of detector will always depend upon the nature of the hazard, the environment and the overall systems requirement.
Alarm annunciation may be by a variety of methods, from the simple but reliable red ‘FIRE’ Bell, via beacons and electronic sounders, to advanced automatic voice activated evacuation and control procedure systems.

Control panels range from a single zone ‘conventional’ panel to multi loop analogue addressable systems and include all variations in between. We also offer double knock systems with 2 or more zones, aspiration type systems and special ‘designed for you’ systems.
All panels offer the facility for local and remote repeater and status alert panels and in general are also suitable for connection to your BMS system if required.