WattWater: – For High Temperature Hot Water Systems.

WattWater is the trace heating system that will help to make re-circulatory hot water systems redundant. No costly and inefficient pumps, valves or return pipe work are required, reducing costs and leading to a neater installation occupying less valuable space.

WattWater is a self-regulating electrical surface heating device which is installed directly on to the hot water feed pipe work, under the thermal insulation. This maintains a constant temperature at all times, from the water heater to all outlets and helps to prevent the growth of bacteria such as LEGIONELLA PNEUMOPHILLIA. (Legionnaires Disease).

WattWater provides constant hot water (45, 50 or 55 oC) at the point of use with no cold slugs and no running off of expensive previously heated water which has gone cold waiting in the system.

Changes in pipe size are simply accommodated by changing the thickness of thermal insulation, and, indeed, circuits of up to 500m can be fed from a single power supply, (depending upon pipe work configuration).

WattWater is suitable for use on all water supply systems irrespective of the building type, from office blocks to hospitals, from blocks of flats to hotels and supermarkets to domestic housing.
WeatherWise: – Snow and Ice Prevention Systems.



WeatherWise is designed to prevent the formation and build up of snow and ice in areas as diverse as lead gutters, car park entrance / exit ramps, individual drive or pathways, disabled access points, or anywhere that a potential hazard may occur.
WeatherWise is a HDPE oversheathed mineral insulated copper sheathed heating element. Controlled by any one of a variety of sensors and thermostats depending upon the degree of sophistication required.

For a small access ramp, a simple air sensing thermostat might well suffice turning the heater on every time that the air temperature approached freezing. For a large installation this could prove uneconomic and a combined air temperature and moisture sensor would be used ensuring that the heating only comes on when snow or ice is likely to be present.

WeatherWise is suitable for inclusion in most floor types from concrete to asphalt and including paving slabs. Different preparation and installation methods are required for each type of surface and TRACEMAN’s engineers will be more than happy to advise on your individual application.